Vision analysis:

  • Extensive history:
    • Questions regarding your current visual symptoms
    • Review of your eye and systemic health
    • Review of your family history
    • Discussion of your visual needs for work and play
    • Review of all your current medications
  • Detailed measurement of your prescription for glasses or contact lenses
  • Binocular vision testing
  • Glaucoma testing of your eye pressure and optic nerve assessment
  • Biomicroscopy evaluation of your external eye health and cataract status
  • Dry eye assessment
  • Visual field/peripheral vision testing
  • Retinal evaluation:
    • Diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy detection and monitoring
    • Macular degeneration evaluation
    • Plaquenil toxicity monitoring
Eye Exam

Our office offers the Optomap Ultra-wide Digital Retinal Imaging technology, which often replaces the need for dilation.  (

Please contact the office to schedule your next eye examination.

Health services: 

The doctors at Brookside Optometric Group are licensed to treat external eye disease including:

  • pink eye
  • allergy care
  • corneal ulcers
  • foreign body removal
  • dry eye syndrome including Restasis therapy and punctal occlusion
  • iritis
  • glaucoma

Please contact Brookside Optometric Group if we can help you with any of these conditions.


Pink Eye Treatment