LASIK evaluations:

Our doctors have been involved in the screening and post-operative care of over 30,000 LASIK and PRK surgeries since 1994.

Our doctors have traveled internationally to assist patients with their surgeries, served as director of a refractive surgical center and currently head up the Refractive Surgery Center at the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry. Several of our doctors have had the surgery themselves and they will be happy to share their experiences with you.

Reading without glasses after LASIK

Refractive surgery is an amazing alternative to glasses and contact lenses but only when it is safe for the individual patient. Several factors need to be evaluated to ensure that surgery is a viable option for a patient. Our doctors provide an extensive consultation with only your safety in mind. Should you be a good candidate for either of these procedures, then our doctors will perform the pre-operative measurements for your surgery and help you select your surgeon and center depending on the complexity of your case and your individual needs. They will then provide your post-operative care as part of your surgical fees.

Having LASIK or PRK surgery is a life-changing event. It is an extremely safe procedure if your doctor takes the time to evaluate you properly and has the expertise to know when to say no. Sadly there are some optometrists who will try to discourage patients from this option, and there are some surgeons who think anyone with two eyes and the financial means is a great candidate. Both of these biases are wrong. Our commitment to you is to make sure that you are never pressured into surgery nor inaccurately talked out of proceeding with this option.

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