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Browse our Articles, Videos and Podcasts containing eye health tips and information about glasses, contact lenses, LASIK, and more from the doctors of Brookside Optometric Group.

Recent Articles

  • Wintertime Eye Safety in California: Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays, Glare, and Dryness

    While California may be known for its year-round sunshine and beautiful coastlines, the winter season brings with it a unique set of challenges for our eyes. From the low winter sun casting longer shadows to the chilly Santa Ana winds drying out our eyes, Californians need to be vigilant about their...

  • Eye Talk Podcast

    The Eye Talk Podcast features our doctors talking about our favorite topic - eyeballs! Each month we discuss a different educational topic, as well as new advances in eyecare and what's going on right here in our community. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts.

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    Recent Videos

    • April 22, 2022

      Meet our 2022 Scholarship Recipient!

      Brookside Optometric Group has presented a scholarship award to a deserving local senior every year since 2016. Every year, we continue to be amazed by the caliber of the stud...

    • December 02, 2020

      Pinkeye and Styes

      Pink eye and red eye are common eye conditions and have various causes ranging from infections, allergies, irritantants, and styes. Mild cases of pink or red eyes get better o...

    • November 04, 2020

      Why Progressive Lenses are Not All Equal

      Progressive lenses have become the standard lens prescribed for people in their 40’s and beyond who need help with their reading vision. Progressive lenses are lenses designed...

    • September 21, 2020

      Lens Materials

      So it’s been determined that a spectacle prescription will help you with your visual system. The type of prescription and amount of power combined with the size and shape of t...

    • July 01, 2020

      Computer Glasses vs. Standard Progressive Lenses

      Experiencing Eye Fatigue with Computer Use? We all can relate to hours spent each day on our smart phone, tablet and computer. The average adult American spends close to 4 hou...

    • May 06, 2020

      Lighting and Eye Strain

      Let’s face it. Computers are an ever present, integral part of our daily lives. Even in my profession as an optometrist where twenty years ago the only computers in the office...

    • March 30, 2020

      Your Child’s Eyes: What Parents Need to Know

      Clear and comfortable vision is essential to a child’s ability to learn, develop, and play. Any number of issues with the eye health or vision can limit their ability to learn...

    • February 06, 2020

      Eye Care for Senior Adults

      Today’s seniors are more active than ever and life expectancy is longer than ever. That is why annual eye exams are very important as you get older. Seniors are more susceptib...

    • January 15, 2020

      Children's Vision: What Parents Need to Know

      When babies are born, they already have the “hardware” necessary for vision, but the hardware still needs to be programmed. Babies are in the dark before birth, so...

    • November 04, 2019

      Diabetic Vision Conditions

      A long-time patient made a comment that it seemed to her that “everyone” has either prediabetes or diabetes. She was not too far off. According to Centers for Disease Control ...

    • October 09, 2019

      The Nitty Gritty of Dry Eyes

      Dry Eyes is a chronic and progressive condition that affects millions of people. In the United States, dry eyes rarely leads to blindness, but in parts of the world near the e...

    • September 04, 2019

      Common Causes and Misconceptions of “Lazy Eye”

      First and foremost, let me unequivocally state that I hate the term “Lazy eye”. That term always sounded to me that if a patient just stopped being ‘lazy” they would see bette...

    • August 06, 2019

      Do I Have Cataracts?

      What are cataracts? A cataract is formed when the natural lens of our eye becomes cloudy or opaque. The human eye contains a natural lens which provides much of the “power” th...

    • July 09, 2019

      Common Vision Conditions: Glaucoma

      Glaucoma is generally thought of as a disease whereby the pressure of the fluid inside your eye rises to the point of causing damage to your Optic Nerve. Inside your eye, ther...

    • June 01, 2019

      Common Vision Conditions: Astigmatism

      Astigmatism is a seemingly exotic word and often humorously mispronounced. It is a common vision condition in which light entering the eye can’t be focused clearly – in fact o...