2020 Year in Review

I was asked to write up our annual “2020 Year in Review” summary for our office. As I stared at my computer gathering my thoughts, I kept going back to the reality that while this year was simply one of the most challenging, stressful years that we have ever faced as a Brookside Optometric Group family it was also a year of discovery about the character and nature of our office family and of our patients.

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The History of Brookside Optometric Group

After 20 years, it’s fun to reminisce about how and why the partners came together as Brookside Optometric Group. Professionals practicing in the same city get to know their colleagues, but several of us had pre-existing relationships. Since many of us have served on the faculty at the University of California, there were teacher-student relationships. For example, Drs. Hisaka, Prima and Demshar instructed me and I, in turn, instructed Dr. Vanover. Going back even further, Dr. Hisaka was Dr. Fujii’s Sunday school teacher!

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Thank You to Our Patients!

Thank you to our patients for voting us the "Best of San Joaquin" every year since 2010!

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