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Dr. Linda Hsu: Helping Patients See Their Best


I have been in practice at Brookside for more than 30 years, along with my husband and partner Dr. Kurt Skinner. The most meaningful part of my work are the relationships I have developed with my patients throughout my practice.

I enjoy the daily interaction with my patients and hearing about what is going on in their lives when they visit the office for their annual eye exams. Many of my patients struggle with the same vision issues I have, both near and distance vision issues. Today, there are many contact lens solutions available for near and far viewing, and I try to impart these new discoveries to my patients.

With an extremely high myopic correction myself, I understand how blurry the world can appear. I still remember when I received my first pair of glasses at age 8 and could finally see the leaves on the trees! When my school age patients receive their glasses and are excited that they can also see the leaves on the trees, those experiences bring me back to why I became an optometrist in the first place—to help people see better and enjoy all that life has to offer.

In addition to my work at Brookside, I work at Zeiter Eye Medical Group, an ophthalmological practice in Stockton that concentrates on eye surgery. My schedule is busy with full time work, and when I’m away from the office, I am usually volunteering at Lincoln High School, where my youngest son attends. Most of my free time is filled with marching band competitions and Senior Grad Night planning.

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