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Dr. Yolanda Scheer: Specializing in Eye Care for Kids


My area of specialty is pediatrics. I love working with children! During my rotations in Optometry School, I discovered that it takes different skills and techniques to work effectively with children. Working with kids felt natural to me, and I felt I could make a difference by providing the highest quality vision care for children.

The most rewarding part of my job is getting to know families, providing them with clear eyesight, and being able to offer education on how to maintain good eye health. I enjoy building relationships and being able to watch as families grow over the years.

Many children who are struggling with school actually have undiagnosed vision problems. Often times, a child may have a vision issue that has gone undetected but is impacting their ability to learn in the classroom and to see clearly when reading. After an eye exam, it is exciting when they follow up with their new glasses and their parents report an improvement in the child’s school performance and self-confidence.

One memorable experience I recall is when a music therapist referred a ten-year-old autistic child for a second opinion on his vision. I diagnosed him with an intermittent crossing eye and proceeded to prescribe him glasses and vision training. His parents reported that for the first time in his life, he was able to button his shirt and tie his own shoes.

Outside of the office, I work with therapists in the community, specifically with music therapists that work with autistic children. We work together on building their music skills, and it is extremely rewarding to watch their growth and excitement as they learn to read and play music.

I also taught for more than five years as an assistant clinical professor in the Children-Binocular Vision Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Optometry. The most rewarding part of my involvement was the opportunity to educate and train upcoming young optometrists about the importance of their role in healthcare and providing the top level of patient care for their patients.

I am blessed to be in a profession that I love, and I feel grateful to be a part of Brookside Optometric Group. It is a privilege to work beside the greatest group of doctors and staff members who truly care about people and the community.

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