Let’s face it. Computers are an ever present, integral part of our daily lives. Even in my profession as an optometrist where twenty years ago the only computers in the office were at the front desk or in highly sophisticated testing equipment, I now have a computerized eye chart, computerized patient records, displays in each room to educate or document, one in my pocket to keep me in contact with my front desk and testing equipment galore with digital display screens.

Many of these devices that were once luxuries are everyday necessities now and although we use them for hours everyday, they weren’t necessarily designed with our visual comfort in mind. Below are a few points that can help you to minimize Digital Eye Strain but keep in mind, your local eye care practitioner is well versed in this area and can tailor advice directly to you and your situation.

Computers are useful tools, but learning how they impact your comfort, and learning ways to minimize Digital Eye Strain will keep you less visually distracted as you wade through your boss’ latest email or your secret crush’s last Instagram post.