People are very protective of their eyes. I notice this all the time in doing an eye exam in that people are tentative when you bring objects close to them. So it boggles my mind that people are so nonchalant when it comes to eye safety when they are outside of my office.

Did you know that in the US there are nearly 2000 eye injuries in the workplace on a daily basis? And that that accounts for only about half of the eye injuries that occur? Nearly 45% of all eye injuries occur in or around the home. That means that there are nearly 4500 eye injuries per day in the US alone. Sports or recreational injuries account for nearly 2 out of 5. Consider these statistics:

There are some very important things that you can do to avoid or prevent these injuries from occurring. The first starts with being aware of your surroundings and the second is to wear appropriate protective eyewear. Keep in mind the following:

In our profession, I’ve found that those who are most protective of their eyes are those who have already suffered a devastating eye injury. You only get one set of eyes. We can’t avoid all possible sources of danger, but common sense and appropriate eyewear can reduce your risk of becoming a statistic. If you suffer an eye injury, however minor, it is best to consult with an eye care professional.