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Screen time and children's vision: managing digital device usage to minimize eye strain

In an increasingly technology driven world, watching and learning from screens is an inevitable daily occurrence for all children. They are surrounded by screens both in school and personal settings; and while there are benefits to all the advanced technology they are introduced to, it is important to consider the safety and overall health of their eyes as they engage in screen time.

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Eye Talk Episode 1: Children's Vision with Dr. Yolanda Scheer

In this inaugural episode of Eye Talk, Dr. Bob Melrose and Dr. Yolanda Scheer discusss the unique aspects of children's vision. When should children have their first eye exam, what is your optometrist looking for, and how do we even test the vision of kids who don't know their letters? We also explore the vision challenges for older kids who are now spending a large portion of their day on digital devices.

Plus, Dr. Rosemary Melrose explains the latest research in vision care for diabetics.

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