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Transition Technology in Contact Lenses


Transition technology has reached contact lenses! Bright light and transitions from dark to light can be stressful on your eyes. Acuvue Oasys Transition Contact Lenses quickly adapt to changing light, providing comfortable vision in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Whether you're active outside or work behind a computer screen, the lenses filter and reduce exposure to bright light, filter out blue light, and block harmful UV rays.

Featuring Transitions Light Intelligent Technology, this contact lens reduces the stressful impact that light can have on your eyes, and is always in the “on” mode. When you are indoors, the lens protects your eye from the short-wavelength blue light emanating from your computer, tablet, and phone.

Outside, this lens filters 70% of the visible spectrum. The contact lens turns dark in less than a minute, and reverts back to clear within 90 seconds. The tint is from edge-to-edge, so there is no distracting ring of color. The technology is incorporated within the lens matrix, not a coating on the surface of the lens.

Who are transition contact lenses for?

This contact lens can especially benefit patients who are sensitive to light outdoors, and can reduce the amount of squinting in bright light situations. The amount of glare and halos at night can also be minimized with the use of the lens.

The best way to see if transition contact lenses are beneficial for you is to try on the lenses. This new innovative way to protect your eyes from harmful blue light and UV rays can increase your comfort outdoors when sunglasses are not always the best option.

Acuvue Oasys Transition Contact Lenses are available in Stockton only from Brookside Optometric Group. No insurance? No problem. VSP offers low cost individual optometric insurance plans—visit this link to learn more.


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