Welcome to Eye Talk! On this podcast, the doctors and staff of Brookside Optometric Group talk about their community, their work, and even your eyes! Each episode features a topic designed to help you live a life with better, more comfortable vision. Join us!

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Episode 001 - Children's Vision Concerns with Dr. Yolanda Scheer Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-01-14
Episode 002 - Emergency Eye Conditions with Dr. Rosemary Melrose Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-01-30
Episode 003 - Lighting and Eye Strain with Dr. Rick Vanover Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-03-02
Episode 004 - Symptoms Parents Should Watch For with Dr. Leila Chow Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-03-31
Episode 005 - Lens Coatings with Dr. Kurt Skinner Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-06-24
Episode 006 - Eye Care for Senior Adults with Dr. Linda Hsu Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-07-13
Episode 007 - Glasses Care and Cleaning with Dr. Vikram Girn Dr. Bob Melrose 2021-09-10

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