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Specialty Care at Brookside Optometric Group

Medical care of your eyes is just as important as having the right prescription.

Patients on certain medications need to be monitored regularly for retinal changes. Diabetes, lupus, hypertension, and other systemic diseases can cause changes in your eye health and vision that should be monitored regularly by your Brookside Optometric Group doctor. Many of our doctors are certified in the treatment and medical management of glaucoma.

Permanent Vision Correction


For patients who meet specific criteria, LASIK surgery is a great option to permanently eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. Our doctors have years of experience with LASIK, and we are the only optometric office in Northern California with the testing devices to determine whether the surgery is safe for your eyes.

Catch changes early


1 in 5 Americans will become diabetic during their lifetime, and ocular retinal changes are part of the progression of this disease. Optometrists are fully licensed and trained to provide care for these changes.
Manage Eye Conditions


A broad range of systemic conditions such as lupus, hypertension, diabetes, and more will affect your eyes. The doctors at Brookside Optometric Group can coordinate with your primary physician to document and control the changes to your vision and the health of your eye.
Find Solutions

Dry Eye and

Dry eye and allergies have different root causes, but both lead to dry, itchy, and uncomfortable eyes. The doctors at Brookside Optometric Group can evaluate your condition to determine what is causing your discomfort, and then recommend a course of treatment to correct the problem.
Improve Color Deficiencies

Color Vision

EnChroma lenses use a special light filter technique that allows people with color vision deficiencies to experience more of the broad range of colors that most of us take for granted.
Get Immediate Help


Many emergency eye conditions can and should be seen immediately in our office. Some conditions require a visit to the emergency room, while others are urgent, but not an emergency.

Insurance Coverage

Brookside Optometric Group accepts vision coverage from most major carriers. While benefits vary based on your provider and plan, most vision plans provide full coverage for your optometric examination and glasses or contacts. Our staff is always happy to help you determine exactly what coverage is available in your specific situation prior to your visit.

Full Coverage Plans
  • VSP
  • MES
  • Eyemed*
  • Superior Vision
  • Davis Vision*
  • Medicare
Partial Coverage Plans
  • HealthComp
  • Stanislaus
  • CBA
  • ASI
  • VPA
  • Triwest

We also accept many smaller or less-common vision insurance providers. If you do not see your plan listed here, please contact the office to check your coverage.

*These carriers are restricted to specific subscriber plans and/or doctors within our office.

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To make setting up your next eye exam even easier, we’ve added online appointment requests! Once you submit your information our staff will confirm your appointment within 24 hours.

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