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Dry Eye and Allergies at Brookside Optometric Group

Dry eye and allergies have different root causes, but both lead to dry, itchy, and uncomfortable eyes. The doctors at Brookside Optometric Group can evaluate your condition to determine what is causing your discomfort, and then recommend a course of treatment to correct the problem.

Dry Eye Disease

For dry eye disease, treatments may be as simple as over the counter tear supplements or prescription medications that increase the volume of tears produced. In some cases we will recommend punctal plugs. Plugs that block the drainage of tears from your eye can be inserted through a simple outpatient procedure in our office, increasing the volume of tears in your eye and moisturizing the surface of the lens.


  • Tear Supplements

  • Prescription Medications

  • Punctal Plugs

Seasonal Allergies

Treatment of allergies typically involves selecting the right type of eye drops to reduce inflammation and alleviate your symptoms. Your Brookside Optometric Group doctor can discuss available options with you and help you select the best choice for your situation.


  • Eye Drops

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