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Emergency Care at Brookside Optometric Group

Many emergency eye conditions can and should be seen immediately in our office. Some conditions require a visit to the emergency room, while others are urgent, but not an emergency.

If your eyes have been exposed to hazardous chemicals:

  1. Irrigate the eye immediately and thoroughly with a large volume of clean running water.
  2. Proceed to your nearest emergency room.

If you are unable to drive safely or secure a ride, please call 911.

In-Office Emergency Conditions

The following conditions would be considered medical emergencies, and a patient experiencing these symptoms should be seen immediately in our office. Please call before your visit and notify our front desk staff of your condition.

Foreign bodies in the eye

New onset pain to the front of the eyes

Eye pain associated with nausea

Floaters of sudden increasing severity

Flashing lights of increasing magnitude

Double vision (second image of equal visibility)

Blow or injury to the eye

Sudden onset vision changes

Non-Emergency Conditions

The following conditions are not considered emergencies, but should be evaluated by a doctor. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Please explain your symptoms to our staff so that you can receive priority scheduling.

Floaters near the edge of your visual field

Pinkeye (conjunctivitis)

Red, itchy eyes

Dry eyes

Schedule an Appointment

To make setting up your next eye exam even easier, we’ve added online appointment requests! Once you submit your information our staff will confirm your appointment within 24 hours.

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