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Brookside Optometric Group would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for allowing us to provide your eyewear.


We provide a one-year, one-time “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” warranty on all prescription eyewear. For one full year following the purchase of your glasses, we will replace your lenses and/or frame due to breakage, severe scratches, lens coating defects or manufacturer’s defects. Just bring in the glasses and we will replace the lenses and/or frame at no charge to you. (Brookside Optometric needs at least a piece of your eyewear for exchange/replacement. This warranty does not cover total loss of eyewear.)

Brookside Optometric also provides a one-time “HAPPINESS GUARANTEE” on your frame choice. Should you decide that the frame is unsatisfactory for any reason, bring them back for exchange within the first two weeks of wear.

Adjustments: Stop by our office at any time and have our friendly staff provide a free adjustment of your glasses if they are no longer feeling comfortable or fitting well.

It is our goal that every patient is not only thrilled with their new vision but also with the look and comfort of their new glasses, worry free!

Contact Lenses:

If you lose or tear a few of your soft disposable lenses from your year supply, we will replace them free of charge. You will not have to purchase additional boxes of lenses or try to stretch the lifespan of your last set of lenses to make it through to your next exam with us.

It is our goal that you are completely satisfied with your contact lenses without the concern of extra costs as you enjoy your vision glasses-free.

Download this Warranty as a PDF